Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nor Cal Love

Our street festooned with fall glory!

So I’ve been a little MIA lately and Chelsea has been writing all the posts but it’s all good, she has covered tons of stuff.

I wanted to pop in really quickly and post some thoughts of living in Northern California. I was born in SoCal and in my heart I thought I’d always be a Southern California boy, but the more time I spend up here experiencing all the seasons, from scorching summers to chilly, drizzly falls (so far), I am quickly falling in love with the place.

I came to Sacramento with little expectations, knowing that we are back home in the good ole’ USA and we’d make the most of it. But as I wander the grid-like streets, through tree-lined avenues and watch amazing sunsets I realize I didn’t do Sacramento justice. It’s a great town not too big, not too small and in the middle of everything. We can go east to Lake Tahoe, or we can go west to San Francisco. Moreover, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, Napa valley, and Sonoma are a couple hours away. If we wanted to go on a hike we could hit up the rivers, the mountains, or the parks nearby. So many options and I think we need to experience them more.  

For example, this last weekend we went to Santa Rosa to celebrate Stephan’s 21st Birthday. We drove up and down the Dry Creek Valley hitting up 5 wineries. We even were able to visit a winery we tried at the Santa Rosa Harvest festival early in October. It was a whirl-wind weekend but all the great wines we tasted made it worth it.

I will try to post more as we continue this new adventure, but for now sit back and enjoy some photos of picturesque Northern California.  

The bridge that crosses into West Sacramento over the Sacramento River

Fall came in full force the other day. Leaves were strewn everywhere.

Some beautiful shots of a winery in the Dry Creek area

The colors are simply amazing

My new dream: own a vineyard, just so I can wake up to this scene every fall. It is really, really awe inspiring

The fam for Stephan's 21st!
Sequoias in Santa Rosa. I love it.

Truly majestic beings, these trees.

So we went on a hike, this is what we saw. Takes a bit of a walk to get this view in So Cal.

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