Sunday, June 22, 2014

Reviving Tibbs Travels – Embarking on a New Adventure

Clearly law school and teaching has taken a lot of our time and focus this last year. I am embarrassed to say, it has been since October since we posted a blog. I suppose it didn’t feel like we were living up to the name of the blog, “Tibbs’ Travels” because we have been settled into our life and demanding routine, although we have been taking weekends and vacations to explore around and about California with friends and family.

However, now we are embarking on a new, wild adventure that we think may be blog-worthy, or at least interesting to our dear readers – our family and friends afar. We are going to have a baby! We are thrilled, excited, overjoyed, overwhelmed and nervous to become parents. Our baby, who we have been calling “Bibbs”, short for baby Tibbs, is due to arrive in early December.

I found out on March 31st that I was pregnant. Tim was at work already and I was home alone. This was something we had been hoping for for quite some time so I was on alert to the possibility that we might finally have a baby on the way but I was still shocked to see the home test result. I started crying with joy and trepidation and had to sit down and let the magnitude of the realization sink in. I decided to wait to tell Tim until he got home from work that day.

Waiting all day, holding this new secret to myself was surreal. I felt like I was walking in a dream, until I was able to share the news. Ironically, I had an errand to run that day that involved buying diapers to donate to a charity event at school so I found myself browsing the baby section of Target, feeling hopeful and overwhelmed. I bought the diapers to donate and also decided to put together a gift bag for Tim as a way of telling him we were going to have a baby. I bought a packet of nursery hangers and a tiny onesie that said “My dad is cooler than your dad” on it. I found a card that said on the outside, “It was never a question of IF, but only a matter of WHEN” and I wrote “Congratulations, you are going to be a father!” on the inside of the blank card. I put the whole gift bag together, went to class as if my day was normal and then waited for Tim to come home.

Tim was surprised to find a present and even more surprised when he opened it. He was confused by the nursery hangers, but I think he knew at that point what I was trying to tell him. However, he is the kind of guy who likes to see things in writing for them to sink in. He picked up the onesie next, laughed and commented on how small it was. Then he got to the card. When he read it, I think the words made the message real. He acted surprised, but I think he had known all along. After a few shocked curse words, he came to give me a hug and we were able to cry and kiss and enjoy the huge, weighty reality that we are going to be parents.

Now I am 16 weeks along in the pregnancy and the reality has taken almost this much time to sink in. We have been documenting, in picture form, the journey thus far and have so much to share. We want to try to get back into the blogging habit, both to keep our family updated and also so we can have a journal of this crazy new adventure we have started. For now, I think the best way to share how far we have come in just these four short months is to share these sort of embarrassing photos of Bibbs and me, growing together. 

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  1. Oh my gosh, Tim and Chels I LOVE this blog post!!!! Zach and I are both so happy for are going to be wonderful parents!