Sunday, January 6, 2013

Good-bye 2012...HELLO 2013!

The setting sun at Sea Ranch

Our vacations are coming to an end. School and work are just on the horizon. But it should be a good year.

My first semester of teaching ended on December 21st 2012. It was an 11th hour day with students coming in and out, making up work they had plenty of time to do during the semester, while grades and data analysis were supposed to be done. I had big plans to leave in the early afternoon head off to The Sea Ranch for some R-and-R, and then enjoy my vacation, but this was not the case. I was in my classroom until 5 or so, and then left with still work to do; however, luckily, the admin extended the due dates for our grades and analyses until December 26th.

I finally finished all my work on Christmas Eve, and haven’t really thought if it since.  But it was a great holiday all the same.

Chelsea had finished school earlier in the month, and she was stoked. She visited her mom in Santa Cruz and on the 20th went up to prepare for our vacation at Sea Ranch with Emily and some of our friends. I came up the next day, and our long lost, Chicago-dwelling, friend, Dave, showed up with his wonderful boyfriend, Al, later that night, while Stephan and his girlfriend, Taylore, were there, as well as Eltgroth for a quick spell.
Chelsea, Brang, and Al
It was just what the doctor ordered. Plenty of conversation, arts and crafts, hikes and hot tubs.  We weren’t there for too long, since we agreed to spend Christmas Eve with Chelsea’s Oma in Santa Rosa.  (Which was probably one of my most favorite Christmas Eve/Christmas celebrations to date. )

Arts and Craft Project

This was only the beginning of our whirl-wind trip. 

After Santa Rosa, we had to pick our puppy in Sacramento, then head off to Santa Cruz to visit with Victoria and then Nana in Carmel. It was a quick stop, but really, really delightful. We had a great day with Nana, eating brunch, conversing, and then had an amazing dinner at this dog-friendly place called Cypress Inn in Carmel. 

After which, we made our way to Southern California to stay with my dad and visit my mom and brother, niece and friends. It was the first time we had been back together with my family since we left in July. The weather was perfect, our friends were all awesome. (Go Llew and Tom, I can’t say it enough, you guys rock! And I am so happy for your burgeoning family!) It was great to see my cousin, whom I’d thought we’d miss, but we stayed an extra day so we caught him.

The furthest South we traveled to was Pasadena (no San Diego this trip :(  not this time at least). We spent our New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day in sunny Pasadena. We met up with some of our San Diego/LA crew then walked down Colorado Blvd before the Rose Parade to see all the people who were camping out the night before. It was pretty neat to ring in the New Year on the streets, but I was happy we had an apartment to stay at nearby, rather than camp in the cold. The next morning, we saw a bit of the floats, then spent the rest of the day in relaxation and bid farewell to some of the friends we won’t see for a few months and headed back to Oxnard.
Wisconsin's Rose Parade float
We returned home to Sac a few days ago and have been prepping for work and school and getting our house ready for this positive 2013 year ever since. But this year, of course would not be complete without a list of some sorts, so here we go for the highlights of 2012, in no particular order, and some hopes for 2013.

Goodbye 2012:

  •   Returned home from the Peace Corps
  •  Decided to spend, at least, the next 3 years in Sacramento
  • Got my first permanent teaching job; with benefits!
  • Started Law School, and finished the first semester
  • Got Toast!
  •  Got a new car

Hopes for 2013:
  • Finish first year of Law School and start the second
  • Finished first year of teaching and start the second
  • Take a big trip somewhere (Hawaii, Chicago, New York/Boston/D.C., or Zurich?)
  • Study abroad in Guatemala
  • Stay positive and take care of ourselves
  • Minimize stress! 

Anyway it was a great year, but I know this coming year will be full of more change and exciting things! 

Sea Ranch glories

More Sea Ranch Scenery

Walking back from the Rose parade

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  1. Zurich is way too expensive. Not worth it. Trust me take it from your cousin