Friday, January 25, 2013

Hey, January. Where ya goin?

Just Toast, being adorable!
Dear January, so you’ve decided it time to move on already huh? Gotta make way for Febuary you say? Well, I can’t say I’m sorry to see you go. Not that you have been bad, really. Just a little cold; frosty actually. In fact, I did resent having to de-ice my windshield every morning. And sure do appreciate being able to feel my toes again. Toast is especially looking forward to spring so she can enjoy sunshine in the back year, walks and trips to the dog park. So, go ahead January. Off you go. Ciao, adios, go long yuh way.

So far, 2012 has been keeping us busy but has ben full of fun too. Tim and I both started a new semester. Tim is assigning two books to his students this semester, Night and The Kite Runner. He is enjoying teaching his students how to be critical readers and thinkers. Although Tim loves his students and is so passionate about helping them learn to love to read, this semester hadn’t been a calk walk for him. The administration at his school has very high expectations and is primarily focused on test scores rather than holistic education. I know they are placing unreasonable expectations on him and rarely give him positive feedback. I try to make up for it, but Tim knows I am biased. He is truly a dedicated, thoughtful and caring teacher. That damn school is lucky to have him.
            As far as law school is concerned, this semester began with some good news and high expectations for me too. The good news is I got my grades back and I am pleased to say that my hard work paid off. I got good scores all around and was especially proud that I earned the top grade in my legal research and writing class. So, that was great! The workload for this semester is already in high gear. The school requires 1Ls to take an additional class, Criminal Law, this semester. And on top of the new class, all my professors have been assigning us more reading, more projects and more memos to write. It has been hard to keep up but I am miraculously making it happen. Almost on a daily basis though I wish for one of those time-turners that Hermione had in Harry Potter. 

            I am also starting to make plans for the summer and that has been a bit of a time commitment too. I am applying to a very competitive Fellowship program that places first year law students to work as (paid!) interns in 15 of the top law firms in Sacramento for 10 weeks. It is an amazing networking opportunity and chance for me to get a type of hands-on legal work that is rare for first years. Keep your fingers crossed for that for me. If that doesn’t happen, I’ve got my resume updated and looking fancy and I hope to land an internship that will let me work only part of the summer and, for the other half, I’ll participate in the 3 week comparative international law program that is held in Antigua, Guatemala. Either way, things should work out. I am just staying busy getting all my ducks in a row. 

            Neither of us are too busy, however, to have a little fun now and then. We have been having so much fun with little Toast (although we can’t fairly call her little anymore!). She is finally finished with her puppy vaccines and we took her to the dog park for the first time over the three-day weekend. She had so much fun chasing other dogs and sniffing all sorts of new smells. It was great to socialize her and see her play nicely with other puppies. Tonight we are going to a Sacramento (soon to be Seattle) Kings game, which should be fun. We got free tickets from a coworker of Tim so we thought we should enjoy having a pro-basketball team in our town while it lasts. We have some other fun things in the works, like tickets to see Wicked in SF, a coupon for wine and chocolate tasting we need to cash in on, and movie coupons we got for Christmas that we are looking forward to using. 

            All in all, good things happened in January. But I’m not sad to get it behind me. Did I mention it has been cold. Yeah. Freezing. I am looking forward to watching Sacramento turn into spring, working hard and enjoying life. I am feeling very blessed.

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